Thanks to our extensive and stable network of contacts in Asia, we can help in almost any industry.



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Integrity test

All candidates are subject to our integrity test where we make sure that the potential employee is both physically and mentally fitREAD MORE »
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We provide reliable workforce from Nepal, India, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. Choose a sector for further information.

IT is one of the largest sectors facing labor shortages in Hungary. We can provide you with Asian engineers and programmers for every position - be it from the top, middle management or junior level. Please contact us!

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Professional Asian hospital nurses and nursing home nurses have become a common sight in Western Europe. They are now also available in Hungary - please contact us.

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Are you looking for a reliable housekeeper, residential cleaner, babysitter? We will find you from Asia! Please contact us.

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Asian workers have only one goal in abroad: to work as much as possible for a higher salary than the wages in their country, so that they can support their families back at home.

They are reliable, precise, punctual and hardworking workforce. In simpler tasks such as trained factory worker, kitchen assistant, hotel cleaner, they have an extraordinary monotony tolerance. In higher positions, their knowledge rivals with anyone and, of course, they have the relevant degree.


We guarantee the workforce we provide. Although we have not had such a case yet - thanks to our careful preparations - if there is an unsolvable problem with the employee brought to Hungary, replacing the workforce is our duty.